In our Zero Knowledge Series, we do deep dives in to the ZK topics:

Intro to Zero Knowledge Proofs with Anna & Fredrik

Zero Knowledge at Zcon0!

Intro to zkSNARKs with Howard Wu

Benedikt Bünz on Bulletproofs and Verifiable Delay Functions

Zokrates with Jacob Eberhardt

Zooko talks Zcash on our 50th episode

Digging into recursive zkSNARKs with Coda

STARKs & StarkWare with Eli and Alessandro

zkSNARKs for Scale with Matter Labs

J. Ayo Akinyele Talks Lightning Network & Building Bolt

Sean Bowe on SNARKs, Trusted Setups & Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Zcash community & more with Amber Baldet

Zexe: Decentralized Private Computation with Pratyush Mishra

Ariel Gabizon on his work with zkSNARKs and the beauty of math

Light clients & ZKPs with Celo

zkVM with Oleg Andreev

Eli Ben-Sasson on the latest from StarkWare and the origin of mathematical ideas

Dan Boneh on the past, present & future of cryptography

Centrifuge and zkSNARKs in action with Lucas Vogelsang

Exploring use-cases for zkps and zk standards with QEDIT

Mixers with

Dive into Plonk!

Latest recursive SNARKitecture with Izaak Meckler from O(1)Labs

Exploring the Fractal transparent SNARK

Cosmos, IBC and ZKPs with Chris Goes

zkSync and Redshift: Matter Labs update

Alistair and Jeff from Web3 on ZKPs & more

ZKPs in Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin & Justin Drake from the EF

ZKPs, Audits & Security with Benjamin Perez from Trail of Bits

Halo with Sean Bowe and Daira Hopwood from ECC

Proof of Necessary Work with Akis Kattis (NYU)

Trusted Setup Ceremonies Explored

Trusted Setup Bonus: Tornado Cash

Validium with DeversiFi & Starkware

Findora with Benedikt Bunz and Ben Fisch

ZK & Games: Dark Forest with Brian Gu

Aleo with Howard Wu

Circom & Hermez with Jordi Baylina

John Adler on Optimistic vs ZK Rollup and the data availability problem

ZK for authentication with Nolan and Locke from NuID

MACI with Koh Wei Jie

Loopring with Matt & Brecht

Arkworks SNARK libraries with Pratyush Mishra

Hardware for ZKPs & VDFs with Supranational

ZK languages with Alex Ozdemir

Building Private AMMs with Guillermo Angeris

Episode 175: zkEVM & zkPorter with Matter Labs

Episode 176: Zk-zk-rollup & with Zac and Joe from Aztec

Episode 178: Exploring SNARKs for Sidechains with Alberto from Horizen

Episode 191: ZKPs & the Dichotomy of Privacy vs Transparency with Josh & Jill

Episode 194: zkEVM with Jordi & David from Hermez

Episode 200: SNARK Research & Pedagogy with Alessandro Chiesa

Episode 202: Stateless Ethereum & Verkle Tries with Dankrad Feist