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If you are looking to learn more about zk proofs and their application in blockchain tech, this is a great place to start. Here, you can find out about the latest zk research & zk applications, meet the experts building the decentralised web, learn about open source software development and cryptography-enabled privacy tech and explore the emerging paradigms in blockchain/crypto. Below is a list of the different places we connect. Hope to see you there! 


This community is built primarily around the Zero Knowledge Podcast, a weekly show which goes deep into zk and blockchain topics and features interviews with top technical minds building decentralised tech and blockchain networks. Through these conversations, we hope to uncover future paradigms that change the way we interact — and transact — with one another online.

Anna Rose hosts the show, with visits from regular guest co-hosts Tarun Chitra, James Prestwich, and Josh Cincinnati

The show is produced by Tanya Karsou, edited by Henrik Jose and community is managed by Chris Ward.


Since the podcast’s inception in late 2017, the team has also produced a slew of zk focused events. Starting in 2018, we launched the biannual zkSummit, an in-person 1 day event which showcases the latest zk tech. This event series was paused in 2021 but will resume once we can do in-person events once again!

As a replacement to the zkSummit, we launched the zkSessions events series, a monthly short form online event where we focus on a specific topic, such as zk languages or L2s. Videos from these sessions are on the Zero Knowledge YouTube channel and on the Event’s tab on this website.

Community Channels

The ZK community primarily connects on the main Zero Knowledge Podcast telegram group (1100+ member). The new zk Discourse (see Community section on the website) will also hopefully provide a spot for people to share zk research and ideas. 


Starting Jan 2021, we began hosting guest blog posts from members of the community on the ZK Blog. In August 2021, we migrated this blog to the Zero Knowledge Podcast website, and you can find this in the Blog section of the site.

Jobs Fair

Every 6 weeks or so, we host a ZK Jobs Fair. These virtual events bring together top zk-focused projects looking to hire with interested applicants in an online virtual Jobs Fair (hosted on Gather.Town). Look for announcements of these in the Event section.

All jobs being offered by members of the community can be found on the ZK Jobs Board


This project is supported by key sponsors of the Zero Knowledge Podcast as well as donations from the audience through Gitcoin grants and direct donations. 

If you would like to support the show all links to donate are in the footer of this site! 

Teams interested in sponsoring some part of this project, please email us at sponsorships[at]zeroknowledge.fm

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