2021 has been an exciting year for the Zero Knowledge Podcast in many ways. We’ve grown as a team and community, introduced new engagement channels and we have some big plans for 2022. Already we are hosting the Podcast, ZK Study Club, ZK Jobs Board, ZK Jobs Fair, ZKSessions virtual events all of which offer additional sponsorship opportunities. 

ZK Podcast audience: 

Using podcast demographic stats, listener feedback, telegram groups, twitter followers, we know that our audience is very technical – and has a high percentage of listeners that identify themselves as developers (71.4%), engineers (45.7%), and researchers (40%), and over 76% of the listeners identify themselves as technical or very technical. 65% work in blockchain projects and 8.6% plan to in the future. The most popular episodes so far are those focused on cryptography, zero knowledge proofs and blockchain client development work – however more recent DeFi focused episodes are starting to pick up higher download counts as well.

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities with the ZK Podcast (and related channels) please email sponsorships@zeroknowledge.fm

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