The Road to ZK-Finance (aka. ZK-Fi)

As the cryptocurrency industry underwent rapid growth, enterprises started to take notice. With information such as user and financial data being more valuable than ever before

On the Optimization of PLONK

In this article we brief three directions on optimizing PLONK, which is a polynomial interactive oracle proofs (IOP) zkSNARK systems.

What is ZEXE? (Part I)

In order to appreciate ZEXE’s design, it is crucial to first understand a bit more about how cryptocurrencies work under the hood.

What is ZEXE? (Part II)

ZEXE is a scheme for privacy-preserving, decentralized applications such as decentralized exchanges. It is designed to utilize a ledger-based system, and support multiple functionalites.

See you at the ZK Jobs Fair

Wanted to share a quick announcement: On April 22nd, I will be hosting a ZK Jobs Fair as part of the zkSessions

NFTs, so hot. But would you buy one?

esterday, news broke that an NFT animation from an artist called Beeple sold for $6.6 million on digital art platform, Nifty Gateway (owned by Gemini)

Zero Knowledge Summit — ZK0x03

Like previous events, this edition was intimate, curated, and very Zero Knowledgey. Unlike previous summits, this edition was primarily

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