Introducing: the ZK Whiteboard Sessions!

Anna Rose

Anna Rose

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“What are the best resources for learning about zero knowledge?” is a question we hear often in the zk channels. 

Our usual response is to point people towards relevant articles or lists and to share videos from past zkSummits. We can suggest the Zero Knowledge Podcast, however the topics we cover are quite broad and span non-zk and zk topics alike. And as an audio only series, it is sometimes hard to “teach” complicated concepts via that medium. The ZK Hack online events are great, but these only happen once 2x per year. It has become increasingly obvious that the space needs a better place for people to learn, ideally through a regular zk educational series. 

And so we are very excited to announce that coming this summer, we will be releasing such a series in the form of the ZK Whiteboard Sessions, set to launch within the ZK Hack ecosystem.

This weekly series is produced by ZK Hack and powered by Polygon. Each week, we will be diving into important zk components, building blocks and concepts in an interactive interview style whiteboard session. Guests are top zk practitioners and researchers from the larger zk ecosystem. The videos will live on the Zero Knowledge Podcast Youtube channel, and featured on the ZK Hack website. We hope to develop additional material around these videos and use it as a learning resource going forward. 

If you would like to be informed about each video as it is released, be sure to signup here.

The ZK Whiteboard hosts are Brendan Farmer (Polygon Zero) and Bobbin Threadbare (Polygon Miden) with guest content from Dan Boneh and members of his research group at Stanford. The series is produced by Anna Rose (ZK Podcast, ZKValidator, ZK Hack) and Tanya Karsou (ZK Podcast). The video editor is Henrik Jose and the designer is Rikke Rasmussen. 

Here is a quick teaser video:

A few details about the format that we can already share: 

  • Our first 3 modules will be produced by Dan Boneh (Stanford) and will teach the basic building blocks of zk and SNARKs. These will be released weekly starting in July!
  • Follow this, we will be releasing weekly ZK Whiteboard session videos hosted by Brendan or Bobbin from Polygon. This will begin in August.
  • Our guests include Mary Maller, Justin Drake and Pratyush Mishra as well as teams like Aztec, Zcash, Mina, Anoma and Polygon. 

Do you want to be informed when we release these videos? Be sure to signup for our newsletter!

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