Join the ZK Hack: A multi-round virtual event running Oct 26 – Dec 7

Anna Rose

Anna Rose

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In most recent years, there have been key ZK events that brought together the best of the community around the latest zero knowledge research and tools. In 2018-2019, we had the live ZK Summits. In 2020, we had the ZK Summit Online. This year, 2021, ZKValidator and Zero Knowledge Podcast bring you ZK Hack — a multi-round online event with workshops and puzzle solving competitions. The ZK Hack offers ZK enthusiasts and practitioners a space to learn more about ZK, while also giving more advanced cryptographers and hackers a challenging competition to try their hand at!

A few months ago, we asked the community if they would be interested in participating in a ZK Hackathon in Berlin. We received a lot of interest in this idea, however a large number of respondents wanted to learn more about zero knowledge proofs and the tooling surrounding their implementation and did not yet feel confident to build with ZK. The majority of respondents also expressed a preference for a virtual event. 

And so the idea of ZK Hack was born!

ZK Hack is spread over 7 consecutive weeks. The weekly workshops will be hosted by top ZK projects and will teach participants about zero knowledge technology & the latest tools that can be used to engage with ZK. The puzzles, naturally with prizes to be won, will challenge the more advanced ZK users. These consist of broken advanced cryptography protocols. Find the bug and exploit it to win the bounty! 

We have already confirmed top ZK teams as our partners on this: Anoma & Aleo are coming on as Top Sponsors and Puzzle Builders; Aztec, Iden3, Mina & StarkWare will be Gold Sponsors!

The first round of the ZK Hack, with our first workshop and puzzle, will kick off on Tuesday 26th October. Make sure you subscribe here to receive updates about the event and follow us on twitter so you don’t miss out!

To capture some of the feel of a hackathon and to give people a new place to start connecting with others in the community, we have also created a discord channel dedicated to the ZK Hack. You can check it out here

And the idea for a future ZK Hackathon is not dead. In fact, we see this ZK Hack event as something that will prepare you for our future ZK Hackathon — currently planned for Spring 2022. In the meantime, come learn, hack and hang out with the ZK community! See you there! 

If you want to support our event you can contribute through our gitcoin grant or reach out directly by emailing to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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