Episode 10: Blockchain, Open-Source & Security

In this episode, we will be talking with Liz Steininger, the CEO and MD of Least Authority, about decentralised communities, the challenges of blockchain open source technology and how we will likely see this community developing over the next few years.

Episode 8: Decentralized Storage Part 2: Solutions

Part 2 in our series on decentralized storage: Solutions. In this episode, we look at the problems decentralised storage are trying to solve, interesting projects trying to tackle these problems and some of the implications.

Episode 6: s/2017/2018: our New Year’s Podcast

In this episode, Anna and Fredrik have a look back at the changing world of blockchain in 2017 with ex-Ethereum Foundation and current-Parity core dev, Marek Kotewicz. We also share our predictions about what we can expect to see next year in crypto land. FYI: opinions are our own, and we definitely won’t be giving financial advice 😛

Episode 3: Hard Forks

Talking about Hard Forks, and specifically the Byzantium Hard Fork that just happened for Ethereum.

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