Episode 36: Eric Tang of Livepeer talks off-chain computation

In this episode, we speak with Eric Tang from Livepeer about the need for off-chain computation, what scenarios make sense for on-chain and what should be done off-chain. We also discuss how Livepeer fits into the ecosystem and how they aim to help more people livestream in a decentralised way.

Episode 35: Testnets with Ethan from Tendermint

In this episode, we sit down with Ethan (Bucky) Buchman, co-founder & CTO of Tendermint, to talk about testnets. We look into what they are, what purpose they serve and cover examples from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos and Polkadot.

Episode 34: Blockchain 101: What are smart contracts?

In this episode, we dig into the topic of smart contracts with our guest James Prestwich. We explore what the term smart contract means, where it comes from, some use cases and some of the new challenges that come along with it.

Episode 32: Zero Knowledge at Zcon0!

In this week’s episode, we cover the Zcon0 conference in Montreal. In our interviews with some of the participants, we explore the zcash community, projects actually implementing zero knowledge proofs, and some of the most exciting ideas to be generated at the event!

Episode 31: Blockchain 101: Blocks & Block Headers

In this introductory episode, we discuss what makes up blocks and block headers. We also cover a bit about state vs history, what exactly makes up a transaction and do a tiny intro to a Merkle Tree.

Episode 28: ETHBuenosAires in review

In this week’s episode, we cover ETHBuenosAires, the 3rd instalment of the ETHGlobal Hackathon series. Through Anna’s conversations with the participants, sponsors and organisers, she got some insights into the Buenos Aires ecosystem, the technical problems people are trying to solve and the awesome hacks that came out of the event.

Episode 27: Zeppelin and a chat about upgradability

Coming to you from Buenos Aires this week, we sit down with Demi and Facu from Zeppelin Solutions to talk developer experience, upgradability and their experience building and auditing safe smart contracts.

Episode 25: Storage rent with Phil Daian

In this episode, we catch up once again with Phil Daian, researcher and PhD student at Cornell Tech, to dig deeper into the idea of crypto commodities and storage rent.

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