Episode 8: Decentralized Storage Part 2: Solutions

Part 2 in our series on decentralized storage: Solutions. In this episode, we look at the problems decentralised storage are trying to solve, interesting projects trying to tackle these problems and some of the implications.

Episode 6: s/2017/2018: our New Year’s Podcast

In this episode, Anna and Fredrik have a look back at the changing world of blockchain in 2017 with ex-Ethereum Foundation and current-Parity core dev, Marek Kotewicz. We also share our predictions about what we can expect to see next year in crypto land. FYI: opinions are our own, and we definitely won’t be giving financial advice 😛

Episode 3: Hard Forks

Talking about Hard Forks, and specifically the Byzantium Hard Fork that just happened for Ethereum.

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