Episode 121: Urbit with Galen Wolf-Pauly from Tlon

In this episode, we meet with Galen Wolf-Pauly from the Tlon Corporation to discuss the project Urbit. Urbit is an encrypted peer-to-peer network comprised of a deterministic operating system (Urbit OS / Arvo) and a secure, global identity layer (Urbit ID / Azimuth). The Urbit contributors have created new stack, built from the ground up as an integrated system with a focus on user experience.

Episode 120: ZKPs in Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin & Justin Drake

In this episode, we catch up with Justin Drake and Vitalik Buterin from the Ethereum Foundation to chat about how zero knowledge proof systems are being used throughout the Eth1x and Eth2.0 stacks. We look at their applications for privacy and scalability throughout layers 1, 1.5 and 2, as well as explore some other emerging applications.

Episode 119: Alistair and Jeff from Web3 on ZKPs & more

In this week’s episode, we sit down with Alistair Stewart and Jeff Burges, researchers at the Web3 Foundation, to dig into what they are working on, what they are thinking about at the moment, and how zero knowledge proofs can be used throughout the Polkadot ecosystem.

Episode 118: Tarun and James talk Flash Loans & more

In this week’s episode, we catch up with our friends Tarun Chitra and James Prestwich at the Stanford Blockchain Conference. We chat about the Flashloan phenomenon & the recent arbitrage ‘exploit’. We also catch up about the known challenges facing PoS systems, what EVM support means on other chains & more!

Episode 117: Isogenies with Luca De Feo

In this week’s episode, we dive into Isogenies – a topic at the cutting edge of cryptography. We look at how they are related to VDFs and randomness generation. Our guest, Luca de Feo, one of the co-inventor of SIDH, helps us get an understanding for what Isogenies – or morphisms of algebraic groups – really are.

Episode 116: zkSync and Redshift: Matter Labs update

In this week’s episode of the podcast, we catch up with Alex Glukowski of Matter Labs to hear about zkSync, the latest iteration of their zkRollup implementation built to be a scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum. We also touch on the Redshift protocol, a new transparent zkSNARK system that emerged as a result of their work on this system.

Episode 115: Cosmos, IBC and ZKPs with Chris Goes

In this week’s episode, we catch up with Christopher Goes, IBC Lead at Tendermint. We learn a bit more about the Cosmos Network ecosystem and his work on IBC. We then focus in on how he is thinking about zero knowledge in the context of IBC like-interoperability constructions. We explore some of the ways in which zkps could be incorporated into different schemes for interoperability – including bridging, lightclient constructions, validity proofs and more.

Episode 114: Exploring the Fractal transparent SNARK construction

This week, we explore the Fractal transparent SNARK construction with its authors Dev Ojha and Nick Spooner – both students of Alessandro Chiesa at UC Berkeley. In this episode, We explore how Fractal works, how it improves on some of the earlier work on Sonic and Marlin, how it borrows from but differentiates itself from STARKs, as well as what they discovered while working on this paper about recursive SNARKs and what makes that property possible.

Episode 112: Dive into Plonk!

In this week’s episode, we learn more about Plonk with Ariel Gabizon and Zac Williamson from Aztec. PLONK is an efficient, universal SNARK construction. We explore what distinguishes Plonk from some other other new constructions including their focus on Lagrange-bases to deconstruct complex problem statements into simple polynomial identities.

Episode 111: Mixers with Tornado.cash

In this week’s episode, we chat with Roman Storm and Roman Semanov from Tornado.cash all about mixers. We explore what they are used for and how they work, how Zero Knowledge can be incorporated to provide more privacy, what the challenges are and what the future holds for the Tornado.Cash project.

Episode 110: So long 2019! What’s next?

In this end of year episode, we chat about what we’ve learned in 2019, some of our favourite episodes, this year’s explosion in ZK research and what we are looking forward to in 2020!

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