Episode 108: Catch up with Zaki Manian from Tendermint

This week we catch up with Zaki Manian, Director at Tendermint and co-founder of the Iqlusion Validator. We chat about the blockchain scene in Silicon Valley, SF’s love of DeFi, the challenge of balancing pragmatism and regulation with the decentralised ideology, the nuances of working on a live PoS system, the wins of 2019 and what is on the horizon!

Episode 107: Centrifuge and zkSNARKs in action with Lucas Vogelsang

In this week’s episode, we catch-up our friend Lucas Vogelsang from Centrifuge. Centrifuge is an open, decentralised platform to connect the global financial supply chain. We chat about the journey Lucas took to co-founding this company, how privacy plays a role in his thinking and we discover what it means to be a project building with zkSNARKs today.

Episode 106: IPFS, Libp2p & Filecoin with Juan Benet

In this week’s episode, we chat with Juan Benet, founder of Protocol Labs, about IPFS, Libp2p, and the much anticipated incentivised decentralised storage protocol Filecoin. We dig into the history of the Filecoin project, the gap in the “market” they are trying to fill, the challenges they have found in the development of the Filecoin protocol and the latest tech they are exploring.

Episode 105: Alan Szepieniec on Hash Functions & Supersonic SNARKs

In this week’s episode, we catchup with Alan Szepieniec, a researchers at Nervos and co-author of the Supersonics paper & the Marvellous family of Hash Functions (which specify the Vision/Rescue cyphers). We chat about his past work in cryptography, how the Supersonics paper came to be, and dive into the new generation of hash functions emerging, including the Marvelous universe.

Episode 104: Exploring Kusama, the Canary Chaos Network

In this week’s episode, Anna chats with Fredrik and Nicole Zhu, Developer at Parity Technologies, about the experimental Polkadot Canary Network they call Kusama. We cover how Kusama was developed, the goals of this format and what launching a Chaos Canary Network is all about.

Episode 103: Exploring VDFs with Joseph Bonneau

In this week’s episode, we sit down with Joseph Bonneau, Assistant Professor at NYU and co-author on the Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs) paper. We discuss VDFs, what they are, how they were developed and what they can be used for.

Episode 102: Mapping the Web3 stack with The Graph

In this week’s episode, we chat with Brandon Ramirez, Research Lead and co-founder of The Graph, about the problem his project is trying to solve, the fast evolving Layer 1/Layer 2 paradigm, the emerging group of Service Protocols, and how these projects interact with other elements of the Web3 stack.

Episode 101: TEEs with Yan Michalevsky from Anjuna

In this week’s episode, we chat with ​Yan Michalevsky, CTO & Co-founder, Anjuna Security about their work with TEEs, a continuation of a topic we covered in episode 82 of this podcast. In this episode, we go deeper and cover Intel SGX vs AMD memory, the risk profiles, tooling for TEEs, applications of enclaves and how these techniques are being optimized for.

Episode 100: Dan Boneh on the past, present & future of cryptography

In this special 100th episode of the Zero Knowledge Podcast, we caught up with Dan Boneh, professor and researcher in applied cryptography and computer security at Stanford, to talk about his background in the field of cryptography, his work on cryptography & blockchain education, the ascension of zkps and where he sees developing.

Episode 99: Post-Devcon5 catch-up with Tarun, James & Georgios

In this week’s episode, Anna sits down with Tarun Chitra (Gauntlet Networks), James Prestwich (Summa) and Georgios Konstantopoulos at the end of the last day of Devcon5 in Osaka. They cover a broad range of topics from their Devcon take-aways, emerging ideas in the ecosystem, the latest in PoS systems, Roll-up and DeFi, to the explosion in zero knowledge research, and more.

Episode 98: MimbleWimble pt 2: Beam Protocol

In this week’s episode, Anna sits down with with Alexander Zaidelson and Alex Romanov from BEAM – a Mimblewimble based privacy coin. We discuss how this implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol differs from Grin, how the two groups work together, funding protocol development, how the Beam business model works, and the future of the protocol.

Episode 97: MimbleWimble pt 1: Grin with Daniel Lehnberg

In this week’s episode, we chat with Daniel Lehnberg about Grin – an implementation of the MimbleWimble privacy protocol. We cover the story behind MimbleWimble, how Grin first came to be, and how this technology works. We also look back at how this protocol came to be as well as were Daniel sees it going.

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