Episode 195: Sushi Beyond the Fork with Joseph Delong

This week, Anna and James chat with Joseph Delong, CTO of Sushi, who talks about everything that’s happened since the initial SushiSwap genesis and the gradual transition into a large organization capable of shipping multiple products: MISO, Kashi, BentoBox and the upcoming Trident.

Joseph then dives into a few of the recent events like the MISO vulnerability, the scrapped VC raise, the Optimism deployment and the relationship with Paradigm.

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Centrifuge puts real-world assets on the blockchain, allowing issuers to get liquidity on their assets and investors to make a safe, stable yield in the volatile crypto world.

Build on Substrate, Centrifuge also bridges the Ethereum and Polkadot worlds

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Thanks again Centrifuge!

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No full episode this week, but we just wanted to let you know about the new zeroknowledge.fm website. Finally, we have a site that brings together all the different parts of the ZK Community: podcast episodes, upcoming and past events, blog, social channels and more.

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