Episode 232: Cutting Edge ZK Research with Mary Maller

In this week’s episode, Anna and co-host Kobi Gurkan chat with Mary Maller, a ZK Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. They cover Mary’s journey into cryptography, her work on trusted setups, universal SNARKs and Plookup tables. They also discuss the work she and Kobi did on aggregatable DKGs, what working on research at the EF is like and more.

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Previous Episodes

Episode 256: New ZK Use Cases with Dan Boneh

On this week’s episode, Anna and Kobi Gurkan chat with Dan Boneh, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford and Director of the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research.

They discuss Dan’s more recent work in ZK Tech, both in education and in research, and review innovative use cases both Dan and his students have been working on since our last episode. It was great to have Dan back on the show, and we hope some of these ideas inspire listeners to jump in on the research or to build some products using these concepts.

Episode 255: Verifying Consensus On-Chain with Succinct

In this week’s episode, Anna and Tarun speak with Succinct Labs. Guests Uma Roy and John Guibas discuss their interest in ZK, their work with 0xparc and the goals of Succinct Labs, which aims to provide proof of consensus through SNARK-based light clients.

Episode 254: Matt Green on bringing ZK into the wild and the compliance debate

In this week’s episode, Anna and Josh Cincinnati chat with Matt Green, a cryptographer and professor at Johns Hopkins University. They explore Matt’s background in security, blockchain and privacy technologies. He shares his thoughts on early ZK blockchain research, the founding of Zcash, growth in the ZK space, how the industry is ready for tangible use-cases and navigating anonymity and regulatory bodies. This episode closes with a review of Matt’s perspective on the Tornado Cash sanctions and what this means for the space.

Episode 252: From Wireless to Blockchains with Pramod Viswanath

In this week’s episode, Anna and Tarun chat with Pramod Viswanath, Professor of Engineering at Princeton and co-founder of Witness Chain. They discuss Pramod’s early work on wireless networks and the introduction of adversarial thinking into his research, his move over to blockchain, how the incentives of blockchain could be used within the wireless industry

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