Episode 223: Connecting Cosmos and Ethereum with Gravity Bridge

This week, Anna chats with Deborah Simpier and Justin Kilpatrick, co-founders of Althea and the team working on Gravity Bridge. They start with the history of the Althea project and how they aim to build an open marketplace for independent entities to create their own ISPs, providing bandwidth to users in under-connected areas. They then dive into the larger topic of bridges and the work being done on Gravity Bridge – a bridge that links Ethereum with IBC and the Cosmos ecosystem. They touch on the larger bridge landscape in Cosmos, the new initiatives and challenges that come with a multichain architecture, the opportunities and hazards of the current wave of stakedrop airdrops in Cosmos, Gravity’s roadmap and more!

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If you’re looking to jump into ZK professionally, the ZK Jobs Board is where some of the top teams working in zero knowledge are posting jobs. Teams like: Anoma, Polygon Hermez, O(1) Labs and Ethereum Foundation have openings.

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ZKValidator is hosting a Privacy in Cosmos event in Amsterdam on April 15th. Free to sign up here.

zkSummit is back on April 21 for a one-day in-person event in Amsterdam! Must apply here to attend. Spots are limited.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Aleo.

Aleo is a new Layer-1 blockchain that uses cutting edge cryptography to achieve the programmability of Ethereum, the privacy of Zcash, and the scalability of a rollup.

It also features a new programming language called Leo that enables non-cryptographers to harness the power of ZKPs to build private applications. Roll up your sleeves and visit leo-lang.org to start building.

Aleo will also be participating in ZPrize – a competition accelerating the future of zero-knowledge cryptography. Visit zprize.io to learn more!

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