Episode 14: Diving deep into DFINITY

In this episode, we do a deep dive into the DFINITY protocol project and their recently released whitepaper. Using a randomness beacon, DFINITY aims to achieve an efficient and fair PoS system with strong safety and liveness guarantees. We speak with Robert Lauko, a Research Associate working on the project, about the ongoing development of this new blockchain, the Blockchain Nervous System and DFINITY's approach to on-chain governance.

DFINITY Website: https://dfinity.org/
DFINITY Github: https://github.com/dfinity

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Episode 197: WalletConnect & the DApp/Wallet connection with Pedro Gomes

This week, Anna chats with Pedro Gomes, Founder of WalletConnect, about how wallets and DApps traditionally interact and the journey to WalletConnect and WalletConnect 2.0. Pedro shares the ideas behind the new WalletConnect 2.0 development and his thoughts on what role the project will play in a Multi-Chain future.

Episode 196: Mixnets, Activism and Privacy with Nym’s Harry Halpin

This week, Anna chats with Harry Halpin, CEO of the Nym project, about a variety of topics related to privacy, politics and the need to build censorship-resistant systems. Harry talks about his early involvement in cryptography and his changing perspectives on capitalism as a tool for good. He shares how Nym aims to protect blockchain transactions from network-based deanonymization attacks.

Zero Knowledge Podcast (finally) has a real website!

No full episode this week, but we just wanted to let you know about the new zeroknowledge.fm website. Finally, we have a site that brings together all the different parts of the ZK Community: podcast episodes, upcoming and past events, blog, social channels and more.

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