Episode 101: TEEs with Yan Michalevsky from Anjuna

In this week’s episode, we chat with Yan Michalevsky, CTO & Co-founder, Anjuna Security about their work with TEEs, a continuation of topic we covered in episode 82 of this podcast. In this episode, we go deeper and cover Intel SGX vs AMD memory, the risk profiles, tooling for TEEs, how zk techniques can be used alongside TEEs, applications of enclaves and how these techniques are being optimized for.

Here are some of the ideas we covered:
A Comparison Study of Intel SGX and AMD Memory Encryption Technology“.
CoSMIX: A Compiler-based System for Secure Memory Instrumentation and Execution in Enclaves
Talk on CoSMIX

Thank you to this week's sponsor O(1)Labs.

O(1)Labs is the company behind the Coda Protocol, the world’s first succinct blockchain, using recursive zero knowledge proofs to make cryptocurrency decentralized at scale.

If you aren’t yet clear on recursive zkps, have a listen to an episode we did on the topic of recursive snarks with the co-founders of o1labs last year – https://www.zeroknowledge.fm/54

The Coda Testnet is live in Beta and has been consistently one of the most active testnets in crypto today. You can join their community of engineers, cryptographers, researchers and builders by visiting codaprotocol.com. Sign up for their newsletter to receive updates on Testnet progress, Mainnet launch and their forthcoming developer sdk.

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No full episode this week, but we just wanted to let you know about the new zeroknowledge.fm website. Finally, we have a site that brings together all the different parts of the ZK Community: podcast episodes, upcoming and past events, blog, social channels and more.

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